What kind of resume should i make?


Many employers now require a resume for both skilled and semi- skilled positions. In fact, some Metro Manila factories require a resume already. There are three general types of resumes that you ca make based on job requirements:

1. The chronological Resume- This describes your work experience in reverse chronological order. This is the most commonly- used type of resume today and the one that’s most familiar to job recruiters. Why? Employers can very quickly and clearly see what an applicant has done, where and when.

2. The Skills/ Functional Resume– This describes your experiences, skills and achievements instead of the different kinds of jobs you previously had, or basically a summary of functions you performed. You can use this when your work history is varied, when making a radical career change, or when your actual work experience in the job you desire is limited and might be noted by the employer.

3. The Combination Resume- This is -you guessed it- a combination of both the chronological and skills/functional types of resumes. It not only shows your employment history but also gives the employer a clear idea of your skills and achievements. In fact, many job recruiters actually favor this type of resume.


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